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International Assembly 2017 - Goolwa SA

This time last week we were in the middle if the Cittaslow Assembly in Goolwa South Australia. We ere really happy to have both Mayor Charlie Bisset and Councilor Bec Bowles as part of our delegation.

I want to share some of my impressions of the assembly and invite other delegates to add their thoughts.

Cittaslow International have a number of advisory committees that report to the assembly.

The Education Committee presentations included

  • A campaign undertaken by the children and families of a small school in Taiwan threatened with closure.

  • An Icelandic program in their schools to encourage healthy eating and growing food.

  • A program from Visela in Portugal called Cittaslow Education includes a book published especially to accompany the program.See the photo below.

The Eco agriculture committee  called for examples of best practice to add to a collection to be circulated soon.I think Toms Paddock should be submitted.

Cittaslow Tourism presented their recommendations which introduced me to 2 new concepts, bikeconomy and foodscapes.

Both terms have some relevance for us. I am including the photo summary of the presentation.

There was a formal acceptance of the guidelines for Cittaslow Markets.

The local high school took up the challenge to respond to the concept of the blue economy and part their response was the renovation of bicycles for use around the town by the vocational studies group.This has inspired us to consider something similar.

At each assembly a number of awards are made to towns for in various categories.

  • Gerze Turkey received an award for preserving their tradition of wooden model boats and wooden toys by training women in the craft which provides an income for them

  • Hartberg Austria preparing for future climate and energy challenges,aim to be a model region in renewable energy activities,car free days,green electricity.

  • Barczowo Poland,restoration and revitalisation of a Gothic Style church as a space for music art and culture.

  • Trevi Italy a community campaign against urban degradation,a universal education program addressing waste management,environment and healthy life style 

  • Halfeti Turkey.The ancient home of the Black rose central to the community's traditional use of rose petals and rose water,in food and ritual blessing of the soil.After a food had a catastrophic impact on the rose the community has worked to re establish the black rose in its home.The Black rose is sought after in the perfume industry.Gardens have been planted in Orvieto Italy and Mariagerfjord Denmark as an insurance policy .

  • This just a few of the towns recognized.


Highlights for me included a visit to the Corryong,the reception with the SA Govenor in attendance,the marketplace expo with our display about Murrindindi and all the contacts made with other Cittaslow towns.the 

Next year the assembly is in Miranda France and the following year in the Turkish Republic of Cyprus.


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