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Membership is the best way to support the ideals of Cittaslow
There are 4 types of membership


Friend Membership

We invite individuals and families to become friends of Cittaslow Yea .
As a friend you have the opportunity to have a say .
You are entitled to vote at Cittaslow Yea meetings on issues that impact on the quality of life in Yea. You have the chance to be part of a united voice.
Friends are welcome to suggest projects that Cittaslow can support or instigate.

Cost for 12 month membership is :
Individual     $10
Family            $20


Business supporter of Yea Cittaslow

Local businesses can join Cittaslow Yea as supporters and are entitled to 1 vote at Cittaslow meetings.


  • You have to opportunity to connect with other like minded businesses and be part of a unified voice to community and council.
  • You  can list your business with a short description on the supporter page.
  • Those businesses that embody the Cittaslow ideas  are entitled to use the international symbol to promote their business. 
  • A selection of questions is available to assist when applying for business supporters membership of Yea Cittaslow

Cost of Business supporters membership is $40 a year

Community Group Supporter of Yea Cittaslow

Community Groups who have similar aims to Cittaslow Yea are invited to apply to be supporters.

Cost of Community supporters membership is $10 a year

Contact Cittaslow Yea for membership forms

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