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Australian AGM 2015 - Yea

Wednesday March 11. Welcome BBQ Railway Park Yea              

Thursday March 12

At the Y water centre High Street Yea

   9.30 Annual General Meeting Cittaslow Australasia’

   Reports, membership fees, amendment to constitution, elections.

   Board meeting & guided walk in the wetlands.

Toms Paddock for farm walk

Centre for Ecology and Spirituality, afternoon tea, explore and unwind.

Friday March 13th

Yea Community House in Shire Complex

   Membership discussion on how we can support and ease workload for towns applying.

   Meet with Mayor and council reps from visiting towns.

   Feedback session on Cittaslow International Netherlands and update on International Assembly Goolwa 2017

Visits to Highlands

  Darren Gilbert’s Studio

  Dennis Spiteri ‘s studio

Strath Creek for Dinner, Home of Rosemary and David Simon-Ralph

 *further information

Toms paddock

Glenburn Centre

Darren Gilbert

Dennis Spiteri

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